The Motorcycle, Guns, & Liquor Gang formed out of a loose alliance of two outlaws campin’ in the Methow Valley in the Washington Territories between Early Winters Peak and Winthrop. That first camp-out and related outlaw escapades are lost to the depths of time, but it is believed to have been around 2007.

Over the years, other notable steel-horse ridin’ outlaws and some others who prefer the four-wheeled steel-horse began to tag along. Never a large group, usually only five or six, but the rotten core of the band has returned to set up camp by the banks of the Early Winters Creek every spring since then.

So we’re thinkin’ that 2017 makes 10 years that this band has returned to add a little life to this peaceful valley and the sleepy cow-town of Winthrop — but we would welcome any more or better information regarding the specifics of this part of the group’s history if anyone really knows (or has photographic evidence).

While each year brings its own unique set of adventures and types of fun, the 2017 trip was marked by perfect weather, and the band managed to avoid all posses, so no arrests of any members were made.

The gang “foraged” widely, made good use of the bounty surrounding them in this lush valley, managed to feast on barbecue beef and pork on different nights, and enjoyed fresh percolated coffee and a fine slab of apple-wood smoked bacon in the morning. In addition, the gang participated in some good old fashioned rodeo watchin’, ridin’, drinkin’, and shootin’.

Enjoy the photos, and upload more if you have any — have a great year and look forward to next spring and another reunion of the Motorcycle, Guns & Liquor Gang.

Any photos, information about them, or any anecdotes  can be uploaded from the forms at the bottom of either the Photo Slideshow page or the Photo Mosaic page. They will not appear on the site until I actually put them there, this is to prevent spammers.

Wisdom Learned From the trip – 2017:

The three rules of being a male over 50. 1. Never pass a bathroom 2.Never trust a fart and 3. Never waste an erection — from Gary “BaconRipper” Cassill

The four stages of becoming an adult; 1st is when you realize your parents are assholes, 2nd is when you realize your teachers are assholes, 3rd is when you realize your boss is an asshole, and 4th is when you realize your the asshole — from “Quick Bike” Mike Leahy.

Our Theme Song?

June 20, 2017